Summary of the events of 2014

Dear clients, colleagues and friends;

After the turmoil of the final days of 2014, we are taking advantage of this quiet period to present a summary of the events of 2014, and to share with you our plans and objectives for 2015.

Following three and a half years of hard work, we take great satisfaction in seeing how Litwak & Partners has definitively positioned itself as an alternative to offshore multi-national law firms, especially in the areas of investment fund formation, the development of estate asset protection structures and legal advice for businesses active in corporate finance transactions and/or rendering financial services to third parties.
In addition, we will share with you our firm’s most relevant news from 2014.

In order to be even closer to our clients based or doing business in the Andean Region, in March we inaugurated a new office in Lima (Peru), with Jerry Feldman designated as our partner and representative in that country. With the opening of this office, Litwak & Partners is the offshore law firm with the greatest number of offices in Latin America.

In October, we moved our central office to Zonamerica, a larger space in which we can work more comfortably, and which allowed us to take on more staff. Of all the free zones in Uruguay, we chose Zonamerica for it´s globally recognized infrastructure and services, as well as for it´s competitive climate for better development of business, the generation of knowledge and the value added of employment - all of which are values that we share.

We have implemented a series of talks on different current topics mostly linked to the financial sector and, more specifically, to the offshore industry. 
The first talks took place in both Montevideo and Buenos Aires in March and were informative events dealing with the U.S. tax law known as FATCA, placing emphasis on the impact it has had on financial entities based in the region. These talks were sponsored by the newspaper El Observador, WTC FreeZone and the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange.

The second, held in December, dealt with the offshore industry and the myths and realities around it. The topics covered included new trends in the exchange of information and the new OECD standard respecting the matter. This occasion was the only event that attracted more than a hundred people, and was again sponsored by El Observador and Zonamerica.
Both events achieved excellent attendance and very good repercussions at the regional and media levels, and for these reasons we will continue holding these events in 2015, in Montevideo as well as other cities of the region.

We redesigned our website so that the information included there is easier to access. We also included a news section in order to continue sharing new developments regarding the Firm and the industry.
At the same time, we have remained active on LinkedIn and Facebook, keeping clients and friends abreast of new legislation, news about the Firm, etc.
In 2012, 2013 and 2014, we invested in infrastructure, technology and staff so as to have the best team and elements necessary for providing good service. In 2015 our greatest objective is to surpass ourselves in terms of speed as well as quality.  Since the Firm was founded in 2011, we have had a clear idea of the areas of practice in which we want to be active and the way in which to provide our services. In 2015 we will strive to keep improving, to keep growing and to always be at your disposal.


Posted on January 20, 2015 .