5th. Anniversary + video

Two months ago marked five year since Litwak & Partners opened the doors of its first office, located in Montevideo, Uruguay.

At that time, we did not have neither the team that we have now nor the four offices that makes us the offshore firm with the greatest coverage in Latin America, but we did have the same passion that moves us today and the trust of our first clients, many of them used to working with law firms much larger than ours.

From the beginning we had a very clear idea of the law firm we wanted to build, the services that we wanted to offer and the place we wanted to occupy in the market. We knew that our growth and success should be based on three fundamental pillars: 

•    High specialization. 
•    Promptness and excellence in procuring the services we provide.
•    Focus in the Region. 

Looking back, we are of course proud of having reached the goals we had set so quickly; but – more importantly – we are proud of having achieved the without betraying those principles.

Today, Litwak & Partners has a strong team of professionals who enjoy what they do and who are convinced that, if we continue the trail we blazed, we will see new success, more interesting transactions and greater challenges, all of which will encourage us to continue to grow and innovate.

In celebration this fifth anniversary we prepared a video that catches and summarizes in just a few minutes our core values, the main services that we provide and the growth the firm has experienced through time. 

Posted on May 27, 2016 .