We are headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay, which allows us to be there for our clients and also to be on top of regional legal trends and commercial practices. 

Because we have a greater understanding of the Latin American market and culture than is typically found in an Anglo-Saxon law firm, we are able to tailor our services to the particular expectations of our regional clients.


Montevideo, Uruguay

Phone: (+598) 2518 3448.
Address: Zonamerica. Ruta 8, Km 17.500. 
Edificio Beta 4 suite 106. 
Montevideo, Uruguay.


Miami, US


Phone: (+1) 786 899 4374.
Address: 1801 N.E. 123st Street, Suite 314. 
North Miami, Florida, 33181.

Lima, Perú

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Phone: (+598) 2518 3448.

British Virgin Islands

Phone: (+1) 284 541 8622.
Address: Virgin Islands (P.O. Box 3133, Road Town, Tortola. British Virgin Islands (VG1110)


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone: (+54) 11 5258 7907.
Address: Malabia 1720 | Local 11 B | Of. #3. Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Litwak & Partners operates in the United States trough Litwak & Partners (U.S.) LLC, a management consultancy company whose principal business activity is to provides business development and front office services to Litwak & Partners.

The company's main activities are to represent the firm in the U.S. dealing with the other offices of Litwak & Partners to sort out all the needs its clientele and/or any intermediaries based or doing business in the U.S. might have, as well as to provide consultancy services and orientation to clients of Litwak & Partners who might have an interest, investments or any need in the U.S.

The clients of the firm with whom Litwak & Partners (U.S.) LLC interacts include local law and accounting firms, family offices, financial advisors and private bankers, as well as fund managers and fund administrators.

Litwak & Partners (U.S.) LLC does not provide legal advice. Any and all legal matters are dealt with at the headquarters of the firm in Montevideo.