Our firm

Litwak & Partners is an offshore law firm highly specialized in multi-jurisdictional transactional and structuring work. As such, our practice focuses on establishing investment funds and other type of collective investment vehicles, providing advice on capital market and corporate finance transactions as well as on structuring wealth.

The firm, organized as a legal service boutique, was founded in early 2011 by Martin Litwak with the aim of offering fully customized services focusing on the particular objectives of their clients. To achieve this, it is essential to know the priorities and deeply personal circumstances of each of them, and work in combination with both local legal and financial advisers.

We are available for our clients and their advisors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This constant availability is one of the distinguishing features of our firm.

Litwak & Partners offers an alternative to traditional multi-jurisdictional Anglo-Saxon law firms with headquarters in the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and other offshore jurisdictions. So when a structure or offshore transaction has a Latin American component our company is better able than any other to provide the required legal advice. 



Mission & Vision


We are an offshore law firm highly specialized in multi-jurisdictional transactions. Our practice focuses mainly on investment fund establishment, estate structuring, and corporate finance.


Our vision is to become the leading boutique law firm in Latin America in relation to the legal implementation of these kinds of transactions and structures.



Quality policy

The Management at Litwak & Partners aims at innovation and dynamism, two key elements in order to provide excellent service quality. These services focus mainly on three areas of practice, which ensures high specialization and experience of all the staff, allowing for better advice.

It also aims at:

  • Providing our clients with a personalized, direct contact to make sure they feel comfortable with the advice provided and, therefore, that the services rendered by the firm comply with the promised efficiency and effectiveness parameters.
  • Working with providers that accompany the process so they facilitate and understand the path by following it.
  • Having a committed staff that takes the firm's activities as their own. To that end, efforts are made on constant improvement so they develop their skills through ongoing training and motivation, allowing them to reach the goals set.
  • Having the firm recognized for its ethics, responsibility, commitment, and innovation by society.
  • Ensuring ongoing process improvement through quality management system evolution, by meeting legal and regulatory requirements.


What differentiates us

Highly personalized and focused services

We are a law firm with a small number of professionals working on behalf of a limited number of customers to meet their specific needs. Only we are dedicated to those areas in which we have proven expertise and where we can really add value.


In a world as competitive as the one we live in, it is not sufficient to simply provide clients with a good and personalized service at a reasonable price, but also to do so quickly. One of the things our clients value the most about our firm is the speed, innovation, dynamism and can-do attitude with which our services are provided.


Fixed fees

We have found that calculating our fees in accordance with the time spent and the hourly rates of the lawyers involved in each project is not, in most cases, the best way to align our interests with those of our clients. We therefore try our best to come up with a fixed fee so that our clients are aware of the costs of hiring our firm beforehand.

We know Latin America

All our clients have offices or are doing business in Latin America. We belong to the region and know the specifics, requirements and needs of those who develop commercial or financial activities or invest in the countries that comprise the region. 
Because of our deep knowledge of the culture and Latin American markets we can adjust the way we deliver our professional services to the requirements and expectations of customers in the region. 
Since the members of our firm have lived and worked in English-speaking countries of the Caribbean governed by the common law and the main partner of the firm also has a law degree in the UK, this adaptation to the regional customs  is done without losing in the least the sophistication, quality and knowledge that one can expect from the best offshore law firms.



We are available for our clients and their advisors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This constant availability is one of the distinguishing features of our firm.



Competitive differentiation in Latin America

Because we have a greater understanding of the Latin American market and culture than is typically found in an Anglo-Saxon law firm, we are able to tailor our services to the particular expectations of our regional clients.

  • We find the following features of L&P especially appealing to our regional clientele and their advisors:
  • L&P is the first common law offshore law firm whose headquarters are actually in the region. Our Montevideo office is not a mere representative office, but actually our main one.
  • The firm was set up specifically to fulfil the needs of our clients in Latin America, employing staff and lawyers with a good knowledge of the jurisdiction and, of course, the culture in the region.
  • The fact that we are close to the countries where our clients are based (or doing business) allows us to visit them and their advisors on a regular basis. This also enables us to build close relationships with them, especially looking into the medium and long-term future, and also to get to know all the local service providers better.
  • For that exact reason we have recently opened offices outside Uruguay in Lima, Peru and Miami, USA. 
  • Despite the above, all the legal work is done from Uruguay to ensure quality and consistency.